Setting Goals

WOW! I can’t believe we are half way through January!  January can be a slow time for hair designers. Fortunately, I have been busy!
This is a great time to set both personal goals and business goals to reach for this year. Here are some of my goals. First of all, I want to start to take webinars through some really incredible hair designers right in my house that I can bring to the studio. I’m going to take it through “Behind the Chair”, a web site for hairdressers. The first ones I plan to take are on hair color and cutting techniques. In addition, I found a new  braid technique in Self maganize (page 38) January 2012..very cool. Already planning for prom season!
And what other goals do I have ..saving money of course!  I have been using Groupon and Living Social all the time! I check out these sites daily! What sites do you all go to daily or weekly ? I would love to know…what goals have you set for the year?
Have a great day everyone! Peace!


2 thoughts on “Setting Goals

    1. Nancy, thank you for being the very first person to put a message on the website ..i can’t tell you how much that means to me..
      -;) and thank you for your wonderful friendship all these well as being MY amazing State Farm Agent..What more could I ask !!!!
      I love you!!!!!! Hugs !!!!

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