So much news!

I have been so busy working in the studio colouring and cutting away!  I loved the trip to  the Fashion Focus Convention in Baltimore this past weekend. I was SO excited to go to this convention to enhance my skills and bring new information to my clients.  In addition, this past month I was asked to be the secretary for the Women’s Business Owners of Montgomery County next year.

Here are some hair tips I wanted to pass onto you ~

 “Advise any client who’s looking for a serious change to come armed with a photo. It’s really the only way for your stylist or colorist to assess whether the look you desire is actually DO-ABLE on your hair.” ~ Beth Minardi

Advise clients to have a color consultation with a makeup free face.. no foundation or blush. Let the colorist have the opportunity to see the TRUE complexion tone.”   Beth Minardi

Often when I go to hair shows, I see the many of the same distrubitors/ same artists. Not this time! I did something different this year! I went to shows of products that I don’t use! I wanted to learn about new items! These are just two of the class descriptions that I went to:

Smoke and Mirrors by JOICO

The haircuts are modern, easily adaptable ready-to-wear shapes complemented by fresh, easy finishes. The overall effect is one that, at first glance looks accidental, but is upon closer inspection, an artfully executed study in balance, silhouette, and contour. The color is a yin and yang of light and dark shades in opposing directions using various foiling techniques. Light and dark colors gradually and seamlessly shift from front to back and left to right, making each color technique as perfect for the main stage as it is for the salon.
The ISO Trend Collection, the i.Design Team brings us MUSE. Seeking their inspiration through art, the i.Design Team looked at three unique art movements occurring in the early 20th century. The team found that each movement had an individual artist or “muse” that embodied the overall mood and style…Mondrian as abstract, Munch as expressionism and Monet as movements and the artists, the i.Design Team interpreted their vision through the modern eye of hair as art. 

I already have a  colour Loreal class scheduled for next week. Can’t wait!




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