Foil Placement! Be creative!

This question came from the American Board of Certified Haircolorists:

“When you Foil Highlight a head of hair do you: follow a set pattern for all highlights or, place your foils according to the clients hair and your final outcome?”

Highlights, hair
Highlights, hair

My answer : I follow the cut and ask myself where is the hair falling and what parts to accentuate. Where do I want to see the lights and the shadows?  I use a free from reactionary approach. In addition, I especially consider the cowlicks to be sure the color falls nicely. I pay attention to complexion and eye color before beginning! I love to do highlights, as you can see!


2 thoughts on “Foil Placement! Be creative!

  1. I have pretty awesome hair and I recently have developed a cowlick In my bang area. It has totally messed up my swooping side bangs. I have even tried switching to the other side! I also noticed this after I began seeing a new stylist. My question: Can the foil placement when she highlights my hair create a cowlick?

    1. No, colour can’t do that. Hair grows out of your head like your finger nails grow from your nail beds. People’s hair can become curly over their life time for many reasons.
      One thing I like to do when I put a foil where there is a cowlick – is to melt the colour in. Not to put a heavy line where the client can see the foil. I take my finger and smudge the colour next to the hair. I don’t want a line of color. If you have any other questions …..ASK. but – no….colour can’t make your hair develop a cowlick. Peace !

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