“Who Are You? “

I really like how this article talks describes hair styling as a communication between the stylist and the client. As a stylist, I have been trained to gather information about my clients’ needs so that they find the right cut and color for their lives. Contributor Stephen Falvo gives his clients a questionnaire about how introverted/extroverted they are when they come into his salon. It reminds me of when I am coloring and I ask: “Do you want to whisper, or do you want to scream?” It gives me a good idea of the clients’ personality and what cut and color would fit their lifestyle.

Another contributor, Gugliotti, expresses his opinion that a client needs a consultation ahead of time. At the Studio of Colour and Design, it’s always FREE. In his words, it is important to get an idea of the clients’ “height, weight, facial features, shoulders; it all has to work together”.

Here is the article. Take a look: http://behindthechair.com/displayarticle.aspx?ID=1353&ITID=7

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