Tips for a successful consultation

Tips for a successful consultation with your hairstylist:
1. Bring photos to your appointment. Stylists are very visual. I love to see pictures of cuts, updos, or colours.  We don’t mind if you bring in lots of pictures to show us! If a client likes part of one photo and the color of another one, it is best to have multiple pictures to show exactly what you want. Another great idea is to email me some pictures before the appointment.
2. Reflect on your last appoinment. When my client sits in my chair, I always ask “How was your last color?” “How was the last cut?” I want to know what I can do better.
3. Know yourself and your hair. What works for your lifestyle? How much time do you want to spend on your hair ? Do you have the tools for upkeep of a certain look? (brushes, flat irons, products)
4. Discuss the final price. It is best to know the cost up front so there are no suprises.

If there are any other ideas that you all have about tips for a good consultation, comment below!

Peace and Light,

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