A Labor of Love

Hair is my canvas in my boutique studio.  Instead of paint though, the tools I work with are shears, combs brushes and tubes of colour. I like to see sparkle, shine, and sheen in hair. This is my 37 year in the hair industry! I still get excited about going to work like I did when I was 15! After a wonderful day of cutting, colouring and highlighting, I like to reflect on my continuing passion for styling.

When I am with my clients, I like to showcase the shape of their cuts with colour.  While working, I explain the techniques that I am using. No question goes unanswered in my studio!

 Working in my studio is a joy and labour of love.  This is a great article that will give you some insight on a lot of subjects I deal with in the studio: http://womenshair.about.com/od/haircutsstyles/tp/11-Things-Your-Hairstylist-Will-Not-Tell-You.htm?utm_medium=sm&utm_campaign=mobilesharebutton2&utm_content=z1overlay-t3&utm_source=facebook

This spring I have been busy taking hair cutting and colouring  webinars and plan to go to conferences.  In addition, I have been following some new blogs. Take a minute to check this one out: http://jonathanandgeorgeblog.com/2014/03/17/a-hint-of-highlights/

Please feel free to ask questions about hair techniques.

Also wanted to let you all know about this great organization I am part of called Green Wheaton. They focus on creating environmentally friendly behavior changes in the neighborhood. Check ’em out! http://greenwheaton.org/

 Peace and Light!

– Margie


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