2014 Fashion Focus – Baltimore, MD

I went to a hair show in Baltimore recently. There were some great workshops, inspirational speakers, new products, (some were really old products from the 1970’s!!), and more.  It seems that styles go in cycles. I’ve been doing hair for over 35 years and I’ve seen so many things come and go.

This is me posing with Geno Stampora, a beauty industry expert, at the Hair Show. 

I loved observing Geno Stampora during his workshop, The Laws of Beauty Success. He’s amazing. The tips he gave helped me recharge.  Hearing someone so passionate about the beauty industry helps get my creative juices going so I can be fresh and welcoming with my clients. I’ve followed him for over 20 years. This man had better NEVER retire or die!

Joe Santy, another famous beauty mogul, did a presentation on these new innovative perms. I’d learned them a few years after I got out of beauty school. They’re not perms any more. They are now called “Body Waves” and “Skip Waves”. I was rolling on the floor, laughing, thinking “Well, I remember that!”.

I also saw the Rusk team, and took a look at their modern iconic collection.

I enjoyed The Paul Mitchell collection best.

Now, it’s time to take that positive energy and bring it back into the salon!


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