differences between foiling and balayage / bleed marks and how to prevent them

Today I was reading an excellent article by Jessica Wickland about the differences between foiling and balayage.  She asks “what is the differences between the two types of highlighting?” well, here is her answer:

“Highlighting is one of the most sought after professional hair coloring services. Highlighting is defined as placing lighter strands into natural hair. The size of the strands and the degree of technique gives endless variations to the highlight process. The hair colorists can weave small or large strands of hair to create the degree of lightness and can render a high contrast or a subtle contrast. Balayage means touched by the sun and the lightness is intended to look the same as what the sun would do. The technique is generally utilized on lighter hair and is accomplished with a form of hair painting. I recommend both, and there is an art to both of the services; ultimately it depends on what the client is looking for.” 

One thing that she did not say was that Balayage means “to sweep” in French. (That is why when I “sweep” on my colour I do it lightly when first applying to hair, and than press harder. 

Read on …..

Why do highlights bleed and how can you prevent that?

“There are a couple of reasons why there are bleed spots.  Many common reasons are that it’s too close to the roots, the weave is too deep, or the color mix is not applied correctly.  In addition I use a variety of  different colour bushes for my highlights, as well as gently place the colour at the root area so this will NOT happen to MY clients.  THAT makes ALL the difference.

“Your hair is the best piece of clothing you have; wear it proudly.”

Peace and hugs everyone ! 


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