“Foilyage” – hair sweeping while using foils & Balayage VS Foil

Here is another great article on Balayage VS Foil Folhttp://www.modernsalon.com/training-and-career/pro-tips/great-debate-balayage-vs-foil

Actually it speaks about using the two together !!!

I JUST blogged about this in my last post. I did not know that I had been doing “Foilyage” all along!  READ ON!! ~ below tells what I have been doing for years..and I did not even know that name….LOL!


A second technique to combine balayage/hair-painting and foil is Japanese colorist Hitomi Ikeda’s “foilyagemethod. This practice literally requires painting your balayage and then applying foil around the bayalaged piece. By feathering the lightener toward the root or oscillating the lightener placement, you can achieve a softer more lived in line of demarcation as the foil inducts heat and allows the highlight to lift higher. If you are interested in trying this technique, be mindful that you are incubating the highlight so adjust your developer strength to what you would use while doing a traditional foil highlight. 

Please feel free to ask questions.

Peace and Light !!



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