helping other “mompreneurs” and other woman in their businesses….wow has it been 20 years !

JOY20 years ago I started the Studio of Colour and Design so that I could both work and take care of my son who is now a special needs adult. It has been an incredible journey. I have become an advocate for the special needs community as well a as mom working out of my home.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. I now help other moms and mentor/ coach other women how to make the most of their time in their businesses To grow their businesses and to feel good about themselves!!!!!!…… I don’t do this for money. It is a joy. I love helping others. Cutting and colouring hair is still what I love to do the best. Peace and Blessing to All.




Margie Billian is the owner and founder of The Studio of Colour & Design by Margie Billian. Margie has been in business since 1997 and is a true “mompreneur” – her studio is located in her home. When her son was young, she balanced the demands of raising a son with multiple disabilities while providing her customers services of the highest quality. Margie knows firsthand what it means to run a profitable business and balancing work-life at the same time. Despite her challenges growing her business and maintaining family life, Margie sought opportunities to participate in trade conferences, write about hairstyling for prestigious trade publications and websites, and is now a sought-after expert in her field, having been published numerous times and she stays on top of industry trends. With her over 20 years of industry experience and experience as a business owner, Margie has a unique perspective to share. Currently, she is a member and former board member of Women Business Owners of Montgomery County, is a member of The Professional Beauty Association, and serves on the Foundation board of The Jubilee Association of Maryland, a provider of services to individuals with disabilities. Margie’s unique business perspective includes “giving back” to her community in many ways, and has made her unique in her field in Montgomery County, MD.

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