“know that no matter what, you need to leave the appointment feeling powerful”

Here is another great article I come across to share with you. At the Studio of Colour of Design By Margie Billian….I want my clients to look and feel incredible the whole time they are wearing my work. And yes – powerful. It will help them in all parts of their life.  This is what I strive for when I do hair…..remember everyone sees your hair.

Please, please never sit in my chair and tell me just do what you want. “Communication between the two of us is key” to you getting what you want from my over 30 plus years in the  in the hair industry.

“Who are you at this moment?” ….do you want your hair to scream here I am! do you want to be shy? I am going to ask you lots and lots of questions that you will find in this incredible article. And “lets change your hair often”…..why not! you only live once!




Please look at the About Margie Billain page,  Margie Billian In the News and Our Services. Any questions…..please let us know!

Peace and Blessings!

Margie Billian


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