Sponsoring VisAbilities VisArts – our Studio! Feeling Blessed to be a part of this journey!

The Studio of Colour and Design By Margie Billian is  blessed to be a  main sponsor of  VisArts  and the VisAbility Art Lab. We want to share with you about the VisAbility  Art Lab.

About the VisAbility Art Lab:  VisAbility Art Lab is both a community of young professional artists with autism and other disabilities and the inclusive arts studio that provides them professional support and workforce development as they further their careers. A dynamic partnership between VisArts and Madison House Autism Foundation, the VisAbility Art Lab provides professional materials, expertise and space to create, a platform to explore artistic interests, and a collective of like-minded artists and supporters.


“Creating art can be a solitary pursuit, but for many with autism and other disabilities, large parts of life are isolating and solitary. Cultural and social inclusion is incomplete, at best, and limited in the amount of engagement and decision-making given to people with disabilities. The VisAbility Art Lab demonstrates cultural inclusion in action, giving artists the autonomy they want in their artwork and level of social interaction while increasing opportunity for collaboration and engagement with the arts community. Through art, we embrace differences as sources of strength and creativity rather than a liability.”



VisArts in Bloom – 30TH ANNIVERSARY CREATIVE CANVAS to support the VisAbility Art Lab  April 28th

Buy your tickets now!!!! Call 301–315-8200

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