Client Recomendations

I  second this recommendation! I went to Margie for a hair cut and she did an amazing job. It’s obvious she really is passionate about what she does. She took the time to understand what I wanted. I plan on going back to her for my highlights next time I cut my hair! Can’t wait to see what she does with the color! ….Rebecca Reyes
Margie has been my hair stylist for 25 years. She is a true artist with hair! She is thoughtful, flexible, and entertaining as she goes about her craft. The atmosphere in Margie’s salon is appealing and reflects her artistic leanings. I have and will continue to recommend Margie to anyone when we are talking hair!  jlb
“Thank you very much for a great hair cut Margie……. You are a true master of your craft out did yourself this time” Edward

“Margie Billian offers exceptional hair styling and hair coloring services.  She provides impeccable advice based on hair type that makes her clients look terrific.  I get constant compliments on my hair style and color. I have referred many customers to Margie’s business and will continue to do so.  I highly recommend her services.” ~Marianne Capacchione

“An extremely talented artist, Margie Billian consistently performs ‘magic’ with hair. At the same time Margie respects a client’s wishes and instructions. A bonus is the reasonable cost or her work. ” ~ Alison

Margie is a wonder of a hairstylist and an expert with color. I’ve waited a little over a month after getting my haircut to write a recommendation and I must say I am astounded by how well it’s grown in! Margie gave me peek-a-boo highlights and a sleek short hairstyle. I get compliments everywhere I go on both the color and the style; I’m loving it! Thank you so much, Margie! 🙂  Taylor

My hair style with Margie Billian has always been flawless. I don’t know how she does it, she makes it seem so effortless, and she can carry an intelligent conversation at the same time. Such talent!  Janet Rae Chiu

25 thoughts on “Client Recomendations

  1. Margie is extremely pleasant and relaxing to be around. She listens to what I want and provides excellent service. She makes the whole process very enjoyable and I come out looking great!

  2. Margie: After 30 years (you started cutting my hair as a child, of course!) I have moved, but I will always have great memories of great haircuts, and of your caring and friendship. Thanks for everything. Jerry

  3. Margie is a master of color! My hair looks so natural that you can’t tell I have it colored-except for the fact I have no grey hair! Margie listens to what you want and delivers perfection! Thank you so much Margie. -Kimberly Barbee-Ostrander

  4. Margie is an exceptional colorist and stylist. She will work with you in so many ways. During the consultation, she asks probing questions about what you want, questions that require more than yes or no answers. And I am very nearsighted and I wear glasses, which I take off during the entire color, wash, cut and blow dry process. So when she styles my hair she gives me a hand mirror to watch up close since I can’t see in the big mirror which is about two feet away. I never would have thought to do that! Margie really listens to what you want, and if you bring a picture of what you like (or DON’T like) she looks at it periodically throughout the process to ensure she’s doing exactly what you want. I’ve never has anyone do that! Nor have I ever been so impressed with the free, in-depth consultation as I have been with Margie. She’d better not retire, ever!!!! Margie is a true artist who has honed her craft well.

  5. Margie is a LIFESAVER!!! I’m in NC, but met Margie while on a visit to Maryland. Earlier this week I had a terrible experience with a salon. The stylist colored my medium brown hair (that I did to cover all my gray!) to a near charcoal black! To add insult to injury, the highlights that I specified I wanted caramel were WHITE!

    Through lengthy online communications, Margie walked me through numerous shampoos & conditionings to help me lighten this disaster! I feel like I may be able to leave my house again!

    Margie’s knowledge of color, hair types and just being the most patient person I’ve ever dealt with are attributes that are rare and precious! The fact that she could help me OVER THE COMPUTER speaks volumes about her dedication to her art and even more highly of her heart.

    Thank you from the bottom of mine!



  6. After having my hair done at another studio last week, I was not happy with the result. Margie being the great hair stylist she is offered to help me. Listening to my desires for my ideal hair design, Margie did a great job fixing my haircut, making it even and then adding highlights in two different colors to give me a look that will be more fun for the spring and summer. I really appreciate Margie’s willingness to help, as well as her expertise in how to make my hair look good. She did a great job and I will definitely be using her again.

  7. Wow Margie totally knows what she is doing . I came in with a huge bush on my head and now its all gone. I highly recommend you go get your hair cut by Margie !!!

  8. We just left Margie’s studio. My daughter is thrilled with the cut, style, & dye that Margie did on her. She had a terrific experience & left very happy. She can’t wait to show her hair off to her friends. Thank you.

  9. Margie is a master at what she does. She’s an unbelievable stylist and an amazing colorist. You will NEVER be disappointed with Margie’s services!

  10. Margie outdid herself this past Saturday (09 Apr 2016)!
    I could not describe what cut I wanted but from what I would say was a so so picture she did great!
    I ended up with exactly what I was looking for. Plus it is so easy to take care of!
    On top of that,
    Margie has made me aware of a great hair product that really softens the hair – Olaplex.
    With this product and with Margie’s coloring, my hair has not felt this good for several years.
    Until this I NEVER believed in hair products! And Margie proves coloring does not have to damage your hair.
    Thanks Margie
    See you again soon!

  11. Thanks so much to Margie for fixing my daughter’s haircut after another hairdresser botched it up. I was so upset about the “Buster Brown” look my daughter had. No more! After Margie’s expert feathering & shaping, my daughter’s hair is now so much more becoming, with a softer look. So grateful!

  12. You certainly must be very good coloring and cutting hair as read in a national hair magazine about you as I live in Germantown Md. for 3 years now and go to The Kentlands to “O’Hair”. The Owner did do my hair but did not color it and did great job cutting but they charge a lot a no tipping salon but since I get my hair just colored in one step as have dry thick bushy red hair don’t do anything else but regular color . He was very good hair cutter and then I decided to us a girl there who is very good at coloring and cutting I am very fussy as in early 70’s yet don’t like really short hair and wear it one length as easier to handle can wear it layered on bottom but did it that way and now wear it in chin length bob. I use good products and never tied OLAPLEX or heard of it. They don’t do much conditioning treatments saying they sell excellent products true but I do it myself . I love the good conditioner mask you get only at Dept. store and use
    Super Rich Bumble and Bumble conditioner put a plastic cap on and sit under my own dryer. I use Orbe Beautiful Color mask like every other time I wash my hair with BB invisible shampoo. So do take care of my hair. But not a good blow dryer do the best I can and us Bumble and Bumble straight setting lotion and prep Primer but still on dry side as a real readhead and thick hair and fine one length unless very short the best way to wear my hair except if layered a little on bottom . Yet my hair falls out a lot when I do it not at Beauty Salon. I wash it once a week as that I feel is enough. If you see anything that is not good for dry thick bushy hair and not paying 400.00 as paid 300.00 at another place to get it straightened and that did help me do it though still worked with it but made it easier for me. Sorry for long e mail. I am open to any new suggestions but use good products and should have stayed with Owner as not crazy the way the girl who cuts well and colors fine blow drys it. I look young for my age but in mid 70’s and don’t care to let it get grey. Sorry for such a long E mail . I live close to Kentlands but liked Baltimore better than Germantown but Owner came back after living in lovely condo for almost 4 years. Now in Over 62 complex on Mateny Road. Thanks for reading this. Red heads do fade more than others . Sincerely,

    1. Shari, you are using some great products on your hair. Yes, I use OLPLEX in my studio in my colours and LOVE it. I also use and recommend it as a treatment. I would love to see your hair. With coloured red hair ….indeed ya have to take special special care of it. Blessing to you! Margie

  13. Thanks Margie for the beautiful job you did fixing my highlights and making my hair color look so multidimensional and natural. I’ve been to several stylists over the years and honestly believe you to be the best, I’m so happy I found you! You really listen and take the time to think about the best way to make your clients feel and look their best. I look forward to having you do my hair for years to come

  14. I recently found Margie as I was researching a natural hair color product called O Way and she was listed as a hair professional that uses it …I was first impressed by her website and then when I called she offered to do a consultation with me.
    She spent time listening to me and what I wanted and what concerns I had about my color.
    I knew from that consult I wanted to have an appointment!!
    I loved her enthusiasm and willingness to offer choices. She is passionate about her craft and has the exceptional talent to go with it.
    I was thrilled with the result and am so Happy to say I have found my new Hair Stylist. I can’t wait to go back for my next cut and color!! I highly recommend her to all ages.

  15. Once AGAIN I was Overjoyed with the Color results I received from Margie on my grey roots hair. It is not an easy job to blend coverage of grey with brown hair of mixed color. She added highlights for the perfect final touch and I walked out of her studio
    feeling fantastic!!!
    Always attentive and talented in her craft. I love coming here. Nice to be in a calming environment away from the loud and busy salons. All the attention is on you. Thanks again Margie

  16. I always enjoy my time in Margie’s studio! I particularly love that I feel like Margie and I are collaborating on the hair project. I think this most recent cut is my favorite one yet. Thanks, Margie!

  17. I came here after asking someone whose hair always looks great where she gets it done. Viola! I’ve had my first haircut here, and can verify all the good things everyone is saying. I will be back.

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