Articles Where Margie Billian is Quoted

May 2017-

Very blessed to give advice on gorgeous hair tips in this article by my friend Victoria Wurdinger.  Hugs and blessings!



Jan 2017 –

Very honored to be featured in Hair Preview 2017 Magazine : How to Make Curly Hair Shine.  Thank you Mary Greenberg



This is a new article where I was quote in Movember ( November of 2015 ) The article tells men how to take care of their beards. This makeme happy because they told about my green organic tips  and how to work with beards and to use Paul Mitchell conditioner – a product …I have used since I was 15.

Something else that is very near and dear to my heart is estate planning.  Please estate plan for yourself and your loved ones.

I was in both of these articles. I love doing hair more than anything else….. family and loved ones come first. Peace and Hugs  .

Fall 2015 This was a special honour for me I was featured in the article ~ . . I told about my very own journey becoming a hairdresser and why I started my own business. Its been 20 years since I started my studio. Other young hairdressers have reached out to me since it was published.

Summer 2015: I was very honored and blessed to be featured in the Summer 2015 edition of Celebrity Hairstyles ShortHair. In the interview, I gave pointers on edgy styles and the products that make it happen.

ShortHair Summer 2015 Front page

ShortHair Summer 2015 pg 2 of 3

ShortHair Summer2015 pg 1 of 3

 I found myself in the article ….Stop! Are You Committing These Summer Hair Faux Pas?

Fall 2014:

I was featured in the Celebrity Hairstyles Short Hair, fall 2014, consumer magazine.  I hope my curly hair clients find this information very useful.

Short Hair Fall 2014 001

Curly Hair Featured article - Margie Billian
Featured article by Margie Billain on curly hair

I have been in both consumer magazines as well as professional journals. This has been an honor.

I am very honored to be in the Summer issue of Hair Cut and Style( August 2014). Here is the article. Thank you so much Mary Greenberg.

Please become a fan of the Studio of Colour and Design By Margie Billian on Facebook for lots more hair tips by Margie.  Here is the link:

Peace and Light ~


Out of two new articles that I have been featured in, one, “The Generation Gap”, May 2012, advocates for the older woman who wants to maintain a fashionable, funky style into her golden years.  Don’t assume your older clients don’t want the new fresh services.  They may just want them toned down.

I found my quote in the nail magazine by chance online.  That was royally wild.

The second article is from a newsletter from Interfaith Works,  a volunteer organization based in Montgomery County, Maryland. Neighbors helping neighbors. This is the link to the  IW Newsletter (Must click on IW Newsletter link) where I gave a mother of the bride a fresh new look for her daughter’s wedding. I was blessed to make a new friend when I did the wedding too !

The beauty blog, “Beauty Changes Lives” consulted me on advice for new hairdressers. In particular, the article focuses on my understanding of clients who enjoy a serene environment. “Keeping a Serene Demeanor”

A very special place  and  Too loud too bright are about my sensory integration work with my clients.

The article Billian Strives for Billions is from HaM diya of the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy’s newspaper. The article describes a Salon-a-thon that I cut and coloured hair and gave all the money to special needs children. In addition, the article explains the unique styling that I did for the cast HADAS ( Hebrew Academy Dramatic Arts Show).I ended up styling the casts hair for 7 + years. Lastly, it tells about my love of the hair industry, why I started running my own studio, and why it is so important to give back to your own community.

Another article that I was mentioned in was Over-Abundant-Blondes in Process Magazine.  This article mentions some advice I offered to those that overly color their hair: don’t be a blonde-a-holic!  I demonstrate the perks of trying something new that could be more flattering.

Shhh! Dandruff is something nobody likes to talk about, but Margie to the rescue! Here’s an article I contributed to about how to help clients combat dandruff. Find it here


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